Howard Boats
Beale Way
Barnstable, MA 02630
(508) 362-6859
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Barnstable Cat Boat

Fisher Cat

Beetle Cat

Haven 12 1/2

Howard Skiff

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Welcome to Howard Boats!!!

Since 1938 we have specialized in the care of and construction of wooden boats as well as traditional fiberglass boats. We build classic boats for contemporary people. We will maintain your traditional small boat to yacht-like standards whether it's wood or fiberglass.

We are the Builders of the following Traditional-Looking Fiberglass boats:

Barnstable Cat Boat

Fisher Cat

Howard Skiff

We also build Custom Boats in Wood, in traditional or composite construction methods.

Our Production Wooden Boat at the moment is the:

Haven 12 1/2

Used and Bokerage Boats can be found here:

Boats For Sale.

Beetle Cat maintenance and restorations have been one of our specialties since our founding. We also Restore and Maintain many boats. Wooden Boat Restorations are always sought.

See photos of some recent Restorations at Past Jobs We'll maintain your boat to the highest standard.

An aerial shot of Howard Boats' waterfront shop and the Barnstable Yacht Club.

Howard Boats is located on Cape Cod, right on Barnstable Harbor. Whether you want to have a new boat built, an old boat restored, or just have your present boat maintained like a yacht we can take care of it.

The waterfront at Howard Boats.

The Fisher Cat (14'3") and the Barnstable Cat Boat (12'4")

An early Fall sail in 'GEM'.






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