Howard Boats

Beale Way, Barnstable Village, MA 02630 • (508) 362-6859 •

Barnstable Cat Boat

The only totally "true" fiberglass reproduction of the original wooden catboat designed by Carl Beetle in 1921, The Barnstable Cat Boat looks and sails exactly the same as the wooden version. The only difference between ...

Alerion XL

The Alerion e/XL is a breakthrough design from Eastman Boats and Howard Boats. All fiberglass construction with teak trim on the centerboard trunk cap only. Self-bailing cockpit, kick-up rudder ...

Fisher Cat

Traditional New England good looks in an easy to maintain fiberglass package -- the only people happier with the new Fisher Cat than us, are the owners who have been sailing their boats this summer. Comfortable seating ...

Howard Haven 12 1/2

The Howard Haven 12 1/2 is different from other Havens that have been built in a few key ways. First, our boat is strip-planked with cedar and then has two layers of diagonally opposed cold-moulded sheathing sealed in epoxy ...

Howard Skiff

This is the skiff that Howard Boats built in plywood for over fifty years. They have been very popular and have stood the test of time with many yacht clubs and individual owners. Now, in order to give our customers a skiff that requires less maintenance, we have introduced the same boat in fiberglass...

Custom Wooden Boats

We're always looking for Custom Wooden Boat Projects using plank-on-frame, cold-molded, strip-planked or other composite wood techniques. We've done them all and have one of the area's best wooden boatbuilders, Bill Sauerbrey, on tap for these projects. Bill will apply his experience and expertise to your vision and bring it to life...

Welcome to Howard Boats
Since 1938 Howard Boats has specialized in the care and construction of wooden boats as well as traditional style fiberglass boats. Founded by John "Bunny" Howard in his family's boat house on Barnstable Harbor, we have made it our priority to adhere to the high standards of craftsmanship and customer service set by our founder.

We build classic boats for contemporary people. Our fiberglass Barnstable Cat Boat, Fisher Cat, and Howard Skiff and wooden Howard Haven 12 1/2 combine the elegant, understated lines of traditional New England vessels with the great performance, ease of handling and low maintenance that today's boaters demand.

You'll find Howard Boats plying the waters of all six New England states, New York, New Jersey, the Carolinas, Michigan, Florida, Virginia, Wyoming, and Colorado among others. Internationally we have boats in Canada, Bermuda, The Turks and Caicos, the Bahamas, Italy and Australia.

At Howard Boats we will maintain your traditional small boat-- wood or fiberglass -- to yacht-like standards. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and our reliance on high quality parts and materials, and our knowledgeable and conscientious approach to restoration and maintenance work. We understand that your well-maintained or beautifully restored boat is reflection on us.

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