e/XL sailboat

Discover the Alerion XL

The Alerion XL is a breakthrough design from Howard Boats. It's the New England cat boat that planes. Spirit of Tradition in a fun, planing, no-maintenance, good looking modern twist on the cat boat. You won't believe it when you sail it.

All fiberglass, zero-maintenance construction - just enough teak to dress up the centerboard trunk.

Self-bailing cockpit, kick-up rudder, and easily-adjusted pivoting centerboard, the Alerion XL is more than a beach boat. This design is surprisingly difficult to capsize due to its traditional New England cat boat hull-shape and roots, yet planes easily (Check out our latest video here) and will ride on a mooring through any amount of breeze.

The two-piece Carbon Fiber mast has a track and a halyard for ease of rigging, yet is transportable with the spars inside the cockpit due to the two-piece mast and light-weight Carbon Fiber boom.

Custom colors are available and encouraged, so call or email Peter Eastman to discuss your Alerion XL.

Racing Fleets are encouraged and is our goal. Fleet pricing is available as well as Introductory Pricing Deals.

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