Howard Skiff

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This is the skiff that Howard Boats built in plywood for over fifty years. They have been very popular and have stood the test of time with many yacht clubs and individual owners. Now, in order to give our customers a skiff that requires less maintenance, we have introduced the same boat in fiberglass. Appearance-wise they are the same, but the new boat is much easier to own and is lighter. Skiff now comes with choice of slatted or fiberglass air tank backseat. Plus, we just built a custom skiff a little bigger than our standard one. It's cedar on tropical wood with a plywood bottom.

Our skiffs are rather unique in today's world of cookie-cutter rowboats. What makes this boat so great is its ability to tow well and stay upright in a seaway and then allow you to load four adults and an outboard on when it's time to go from the mooring to shore -- not to mention an exceptional workhorse for everyday use!